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Anniversary Celebration

As gifts, Lavish bouquets are highly personalized, showcasing your thoughtfulness and care. Research shows that flowers can uplift mood, reduce stress, and increase happiness. Whether it's roses, lilies, or other blooms, flowers create beautiful memories for your anniversary, deepening the expression of love. Let's create a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere with flowers on our anniversary!


163 件產品

Greeting CardGreeting Card
問候卡 促銷價HK$30.00 起
特價Christmas Wreath聖誕花環
聖誕花環 促銷價HK$780.00 起 原價HK$1,380.00
Vase - Nordic Stripes Vase
花瓶 - 北歐條紋花瓶 促銷價HK$138.00
省下 HK$130.00DIY工作坊 - 手工聖誕樹DIY工作坊 - 手工聖誕樹
DIY工作坊 - 手工聖誕樹 促銷價HK$850.00 原價HK$980.00
省下 HK$70.00Lavish - 手工聖誕樹Lavish - 手工聖誕樹
Lavish - 手工聖誕樹 促銷價HK$780.00 原價HK$850.00
特價LAVISH Classic Red Rose BouquetLAVISH Classic Red Rose Bouquet
Lavish Classic - 紅玫瑰花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,080.00
省下 HK$170.00DIY工作坊 - 聖誕花環Christmas Wreath WORKSHOP
DIY工作坊 - 聖誕花環 促銷價HK$880.00 原價HK$1,050.00
特價Yuki - Lavish FloristYuki - Lavish Florist
Yuki - 玫瑰花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,280.00
BeCandle OSM Scented Candle 200g - No. 37
Vase - Modern Wood Base Glass Vase
瑪歌 促銷價HK$680.00 起
Vase - Tree Glass
花瓶 - 樹玻璃 促銷價HK$200.00
BeCandle Peony Rose Scented Candle 200g - No. 01
省下 HK$292.00Orchid Medium SizeOrchid Medium Size
蘭花(中型) 促銷價HK$688.00 原價HK$980.00
BeCandle Lemon Thyme Scented Candle 200g-No.95
CNY Orchid Arrangement Workshop
新年蘭花佈置工作坊 促銷價HK$680.00
Vase - Milk Bottle Vase
花瓶 - 奶瓶花瓶 促銷價HK$168.00
特價Debbie - Lavish FloristDebbie - Lavish Florist
Debbie - 玫瑰和紫羅蘭花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,100.00
省下 HK$130.00BECANDLE X Lavish Centrepiece WORKSHOP
BeCandle x Lavish 聖誕擺設工作坊 促銷價HK$650.00 原價HK$780.00
特價Lavish Florist  BeCandle 聖誕擺設 聖誕花藝 聖誕工作坊
Lavish Florist 聖誕擺設 x BeCandle 促銷價HK$450.00 起 原價HK$650.00
特價Autumn  - Flower BoxAutumn  - Flower Box
Autumn - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
Vase - Ribbed Vase
花瓶 - 棱紋花瓶 促銷價HK$180.00
特價Red Rose ParadiseRed Rose Paradise
Paradise - 紅玫瑰花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,080.00
Pastel Painting WorkshopPastel Painting Workshop
粉彩工作坊 促銷價HK$380.00
Spring Bouquet Workshop 2023Spring Bouquet Workshop 2023
春季花束工作坊2023 促銷價HK$880.00
特價White & BurgundyWhite & Burgundy
Bella - 紅色大理花花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,080.00
Vase - Ceramic Minimalist Vase - Lavish FloristVase - Ceramic Minimalist Vase
花瓶 - 陶瓷簡約花瓶 促銷價HK$168.00
Vase - Ceramic Minimalist VaseVase - Ceramic Minimalist Vase
花瓶 - 陶瓷簡約花瓶 促銷價HK$138.00
省下 HK$23.00心意卡
心意卡 促銷價HK$35.00 原價HK$58.00
特價Yuzana - Rose Bouquet - Lavish FloristYuzana - Rose Bouquet - Lavish Florist
Yuzana - Rose Bouquet 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,180.00
特價Athena - Lavish Florist道歉花束 推薦 白玫瑰花束
Athena - 白玫瑰花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,100.00
BeCandle Grapefruit Bamboo Scented Candle 200g - no.92
BeCandle Jasmine Musk Scented Candle 200g - No.33
Animopia Workshop 2023
乒乓菊花工作坊2023 促銷價HK$450.00
Vase - Simple Mini Vase
花瓶 - 簡約迷你花瓶 促銷價HK$138.00
省下 HK$70.00Christmas GardenChristmas Garden - Flower Box - Lavish Florist
Lavish 聖誕氣氛擺設 - 花盒 促銷價HK$580.00 原價HK$650.00
特價Spring - 花盒Spring - 花盒
Spring - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價荃灣花店 元朗花店 香港花店推介 網上花店 即日送花荃灣花店 元朗花店 香港花店推介 網上花店 即日送花
Summer - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價Valencia - Yellow Rose Bouquet - Lavish FloristValencia - Yellow Rose Bouquet - Lavish Florist
Valencia - 黃玫瑰花束 促銷價HK$980.00 起 原價HK$1,180.00
已售完BeCandle Lemon Thyme Spray 100ml - no.95
Vase - Stripe Mini Vase
花瓶 - 條紋迷你花瓶 促銷價HK$138.00
Vase - Arch Mini Vase
花瓶 - 拱形迷你花瓶 促銷價HK$138.00
特價Cappuccino - 玫瑰花束Cappuccino - 玫瑰花束
Cappuccino - 玫瑰花束 促銷價HK$880.00 起 原價HK$1,080.00
Vase - textured glass vase
花瓶 - 質感玻璃花瓶 促銷價HK$138.00
Vase -Mini Green Vase each
Vase - Cylinder S size 24.5cm x 10cm
BeCandle Sandalwood Scented Candle 200g - no.44
CNY Floral Jamming Workshop
農曆新年花藝工作坊 促銷價HK$680.00