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Lavish Florist

Anniversary Celebration

As gifts, Lavish bouquets are highly personalized, showcasing your thoughtfulness and care. Research shows that flowers can uplift mood, reduce stress, and increase happiness. Whether it's roses, lilies, or other blooms, flowers create beautiful memories for your anniversary, deepening the expression of love. Let's create a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere with flowers on our anniversary!


9 件產品

特價Autumn  - Flower BoxAutumn  - Flower Box
Autumn - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價Spring - 花盒Spring - 花盒
Spring - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價荃灣花店 元朗花店 香港花店推介 網上花店 即日送花荃灣花店 元朗花店 香港花店推介 網上花店 即日送花
Summer - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價Agnes  - Flower BoxAgnes  - Flower Box
Agnes - Flower Box 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價Stephy  - Flower BoxStephy  - Flower Box
Stephy - Flower Box 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
特價Pumpkin - 花盒Pumpkin - 花盒
Pumpkin - 花盒 促銷價HK$680.00 起 原價HK$780.00
屯門送花 前屯門送花則
腮紅花束 促銷價HK$680.00
Lavish Florist 中秋鮮花禮盒 - Lavish FloristLavish Florist 中秋鮮花禮盒 - Lavish Florist
Lavish Florist 中秋鮮花禮盒 促銷價HK$1,380.00 起
Gift HamperGift Hamper
定制送禮禮盒 促銷價HK$1,280.00