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Article: 生日送花選擇困難?8款生日花束推介

生日花 生日花束 生日送花 Lavish Florist


Lavish Florist 除了以上生日花束推介外,還有客制鮮花服務,你可以在我們的推介汲取靈感,與我們的專業花藝師表達你想營造的氛圍,創造獨一無二的花藝產品,生日花束如何預早安排訂購,訂購金額滿HKD$799可享免運費送花服務,如即日送花可能涉及額外運費,生日一年得一次,當然要隆重其事,及早準備啦!歡迎隨時瀏覽我們網站或者WhatsApp我們的花藝師查詢有關生日花束訂購詳情及送花安排。

What flowers should you choose for a birthday gift?

"Having difficulty choosing birthday flowers? Here are 8 recommended birthday bouquets.

What flowers should you choose for a birthday gift? Unlike Valentine's Day, birthdays don't have a specific flower like roses to represent them. Therefore, selecting flower materials for a birthday gift can often be challenging. Fresh flowers are a channel for expressing blessings and sentiments, and the language of flowers can be diverse and subjective. A single flower can have multiple meanings and convey various well-wishes. Therefore, when choosing birthday flowers, it is common to focus on the colours and sizes of the flowers, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere, enlivening the birthday party, and leaving a lasting impression on the recipient's heart. The importance of flower language is relatively secondary.

Birthday bouquets are created by combining different floral materials, with flowers of varying sizes interlacing to create a sense of depth. The vibrant colours of the birthday bouquet are achieved by contrasting different coloured flowers, capturing attention and adding to the ceremonial experience of hand-delivering flowers. It is the kind of 'atmosphere' that you cannot see but can genuinely feel.

When selecting birthday flowers, you can refer to the meanings associated with different colours of flowers. Additionally, the recipient of the flowers should also be considered. Choosing the right colour of flowers for a birthday gift not only expresses birthday blessings but also conveys respect, affection, gratitude, and other sentiments towards the recipient. Alternatively, you can create a unique floral arrangement based on the recipient's colour preferences.

Red Flowers - Choosing red flowers for a birthday gift represents passion, celebration, and sincerity. Red is a traditional colour for Chinese festivals, and a birthday bouquet with a red theme is suitable for lovers, partners, mothers, or female elders.

Pink Flowers - Choosing pink flowers for a birthday gift symbolises purity and pure affection. Pink flowers are commonly seen in birthday bouquets and are associated with gentle and lovely females, particularly suitable for young people. The burst of pink, full of girlishness, serves as a photo spot, capturing the happiness of the birthday and the well-wishes from friends.

Yellow and Orange Flowers - These colors are reminiscent of sunshine and represent joy and glory. Golden yellow flowers are especially suitable for gifting to friends, expressing the joy of their birthday and representing everlasting and profound friendship.

Blue Flowers - Blue flowers symbolize wisdom and nobility. They are more suitable for business partners, elders, or respected individuals as birthday bouquet accents, avoiding overly dark color tones that may conflict with the birthday theme.

Purple Flowers - Purple exudes a mysterious and noble charm. In ancient Europe and the Mediterranean, purple was a symbol of nobility, respect, and wealth. If a birthday bouquet is predominantly purple, it is suitable for esteemed individuals, female elders, female bosses, or superiors.

Lavish Florist's 8 recommended birthday bouquets:

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【給畢業生的完美祝福:選擇理想的畢業花束】 - Lavish Florist


畢業是人生中一個重要的里程碑,它標誌著一個階段的結束和另一個階段的開始。無論是從幼稚園畢業,開始進入學習生涯,還是從大學畢業,準備投入社會工作,每一次畢業都是值得慶祝的時刻。畢業花束不僅是對畢業生的祝福,也是對老師的感謝和對父母的感恩。就像每一朵鮮花都有它的生長過程,從種植到開花,每一次畢業也是一個新的開始。 幼稚園畢業花束的選擇 在幼稚園畢業典禮上,家長通常會為孩...

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【重陽節送花禁忌】 - Lavish Florist


重陽節送花有禁忌因為重陽節與清明節有相同的傳統活動,就是拜祭,所以有人指重陽節送花不吉利,但當了解兩個節日的背後故事及起源後,會發現重陽節送花有祝福的意味,尤其是對於長者,當然要慎選花材,免得長輩誤會。 重陽節和清明節都是中國傳統節日,兩者在文化背景、起源和傳統習俗上有一些不同之處。首先,清明節是中國傳統節日之一,其起源可以追溯到秦朝末年。清明節的主要習俗是掃墓和祭拜先人。根據傳說,漢...

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